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AMS Athletics

Middle School Sports

Dorchester District Two offers the following middle school sports for 7th and 8th grade students:

The sports listed below will be in conjunction with high school programs.  7th and 8th grade students are encouraged to try out for their zoned high school's junior varsity teams. 

  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Football (B Team and Junior Varsity)
  • Cheerleading
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

AMS Athletics Contact:

Contact coaches for specific sports questions.

General athletics questions: 

Kevin Lukich, Assistant Principal

Student Athlete Eligibility Requirements

In order for student athletes to be eligible for participation and competition, the following items need to be uploaded to the South Carolina High School League online eligibility portal (Big Teams - Formerly Planet HS). 

  1. Medical History Form - this form can be uploaded or completed online and requires signatures from both a parent and the student athlete. 
  2. Pre-Participation Physical Form - this form is completed by a medical doctor and can be uploaded by scanning or taking a picture of it with your phone.  This also requires a parent and student signature.
  3. Parent Permission Form - this form is completed online requires a digital parent signature.
  4. Birth Certificate - this document can be uploaded using a scanner or by taking a picture with your student and requires a parent signature. 
  5. Concussion Acknowledgement Form - this form can be completed online and requires a parent and student signature. 

Planet High School Instructions

To participate in athletics  for the 2022-2023 school year all athletes must have a physical history form, physical exam form, parent permission form and concussion form dated on or after April 1, 2022, as well as the athlete’s birth certificate uploaded on Athletes may not participate in conditioning or tryouts until all documentation is received.

How to create an account on Planet HS:

  • Athletes and parents must create an account at Be sure to enter the correct graduation year.  If you are a RETURNING ATHLETE AND FORGOT YOUR LOGIN, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!  Please call the Athletics Office 843-695-4900 x52062 and ask to help get your account reset.
  • Enter requested information and click “create account”. A “Guide Me” box will appear and help you link the student and parent account. The parent will receive notification and a link to planet high school to create an account which will link to the student’s account. The parent must also create an account to sign and submit forms. Forms will not be complete until both the parent and the student have clicked on the “sign & submit” button.
  • Select the “Athletic Forms” button. Then select all sports you may be interested in participating. If you are a middle school student and may be participating in middle school and high school teams, you’ll also need to add “additional school” and add your assigned high school.  Middle School students must also provide a copy of their most recent report card to the coach in order to confirm high school zoning.
  • At the very bottom are 7 links to forms that must be completed and approved:

ELECTRONIC HISTORY FORM (Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation – HISTORY FORM) - You can complete all questions on the online electronic form and hit “sign & submit”.

NEW 2019 PRE-PARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION – PHYSICAL FORM (PRINT PAPER COPY AND BRING TO PHYSICIAN) – This must be completed and clearly signed and dated by the Physician. Be sure that the physician’s, address, phone, signature AND date are at the bottom and the athlete’s name and birth date are at the top.  Take a photo of this page separately then upload to your Planet HS page.  Once uploaded, hit “sign & submit”.


BIRTH CERTIFICATE - Upload a photo or scan of the student’s birth certificate then hit “sign & submit”. If you had a previous account, you’ll have the option here to “re-use document”, which will pull the previously uploaded birth certificate you submitted.

ELECTRONIC CONCUSSION AND STUDENT ATHLETES - After online statement is read, hit “sign & submit”.

ELECTRONIC COVID-19 WAIVER – Complete online form, listing ARHS as school participating at, then “sign & submit”.

OVERNIGHT TRIP HEALTH FORM - Complete online form then “sign & submit."